Curriculum Team Member at School of the Nations, Macau

School of the Nations, Macau

Curriculum Team Member

Full-Time in Taipa, MO - Mid Level

NOTE: Please ONLY apply if you meet ALL of the follow criteria:

  • Earned a degree that came with teaching qualifications, e.g. B.Ed/ECE/PGCE
  • Completion of the first seven courses of the Ruhi curriculum which focuses on individual transformation and community development
  • Accumulated four or more years of full-time teaching experience

Position Description

The Curriculum team, led by Curriculum administrators, works across the school and is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum objectives are progressively aligned with our framework and vision. It oversees the ongoing planning, implementation, development, direction, review, and evaluation of curriculum and instruction within the school.

The ultimate aim of the school, including our curriculum, is to produce students who hold themselves to high moral and personal standards, are committed to improving themselves and serving society, and thoroughly develop their academic, social, spiritual and physical potential.

The curriculum team member works seamlessly with the administrators, consulting frequently, translating the high-level vision and plans into practice.

The unique nature of the school’s vision will mean that the curriculum team member is expected to systematically deepen their understanding of our Bahá’í-inspired framework to maximize their contributions.. Flexibility in approach and operating with a humble posture of learning, hold particular importance for this role.

About School of the Nations

The School of the Nations, an internationally-oriented day school, was founded 30 years ago to serve the local and expatriate communities. At present, over 650 students from age 3 to 18 are instructed by a professional and diverse teaching staff.

Our school is dedicated to nurturing the physical, intellectual and spiritual development of children and youth, and developing their capabilities to contribute to the well-being of their families and communities. We are constantly innovating in order to achieve this. Over the years we have been honored to be recognized with local and international awards for our programs, including the holistic Hidden Gems curriculum we developed internally and has since been adopted by kindergartens in countries abroad. Yet we consider the qualities and attitudes we see in our students as the surest evidence of success. In brief, School of the Nations is a Bahá’í-inspired school, which means it aims to operate in ways that reflect the high ideals contained in the Bahá’í teachings.

What makes us different?

In School of the Nations the Bahá’í-inspired framework underscores, that we are all created noble and part of one human family, that scientific and religious knowledge is progressively refined and clarified, reality encompasses both material and spiritual dimensions, and that we can only truly fulfill our purpose of developing our full potential in the context of selfless service to others. In action, this finds expression as individuals strive to be increasingly selfless in approach, open in seeking truth, collaborative in style, honest and kind in speech, trustworthy in action, humble in manner, and optimistic in disposition.

The Education Department of Macau (DSEJ), in its October 2018 report, urged schools to assist students to “become talents who are willing to serve others and build the society.” This is aligned with our highest hope of raising generations of students who become protagonists of their own development and the transformation of society. Our school readily acknowledges that it still has considerable distance to traverse. Many challenges lie ahead and much remains to be learned.

Position Specifications


  • Consult and collaborate within the Curriculum team on an ongoing basis
  • Communicate and collaborate with members of the Administration team as necessary
  • Understand and support the vision and framework of the school
  • Be intimately familiar with and actively support the context and culture of the school

Curriculum Development

  • Have a good knowledge of curriculum design and matters related to implementation
  • Have a clear knowledge of the current curricular and pedagogical structure within the school
  • Actively share the responsibility of implementation of the goals set by Administration for the Curriculum team
  • Be flexible and apply relevant experience to drive the curriculum in the context of the school and its direction
  • In light of the school’s vision and framework, identify and propose strategies for curricular or instructional enhancement

Teacher Training and Support

  • Provide training and support for Administrators and teaching staff to meet curricular goals, including instruction, assessment, recording, and reporting
  • Meet with teaching staff on a regular basis to assess progress and provide further direction
  • Address ongoing curricular needs of departments as they arise

Compensation & Benefits

The annual base salary, including housing allowance, is approximately US$44,000, after-tax. This does not include the annual travel allowance, new year’s bonus, pension contributions, and a yearly re-enlistment bonus which is equivalent to one month’s salary. Furthermore, the government of Macau generously provides a teacher’s professional development subsidy of at least US$600 per month. Taken together, the after-tax total compensation that teachers receive is roughly US$62,000.

Benefits include local healthcare coverage, half tuition for up to two dependents to enroll in the school, assistance in finding an apartment including a one-week hotel stay, and an interest-free salary advance to assist with upfront housing costs if needed.