School of the Nations, Macau

Primary Technology Foundation Teacher

Building the capacity of our students to effectively engage with technology: gain technical skills, enhance the ability to make good technological choices, stay safe online, and—critically—develop the attitudes and inner qualities necessary to use technology for personal and collective advancement.


  • Teach technology to primary-age students in an engaging and socially responsible way.
  • Nurture skills in various technologies and tools.
  • Challenge students to improve their reading of reality: to appreciate the advantages, downsides, implications, and underlying assumptions of each tool available to them.
  • Teach technology innovatively, in ways that are aligned with the school’s goals to raise students who are attracted to beauty and have a strong thirst for knowledge, students who are seekers of truth, pursuers of excellence, upholders of high standards of morality, committed contributors to social progress, and participators of group action and decision-making.
  • Manage our STEAM classroom and thoughtfully extend its influence in Primary.
  • Work in a team of others to encourage and assist teachers across the school in the sound pedagogical use of technology and as they help students form coherent views towards technology.


Our primary department is from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Primary teachers are with students for homeroom and core subjects, up to twenty periods a week. A maximum class size of 25 students allows teachers time to develop genuine relationships with their students. Our curriculum draws from several sources and is always being refined.

We believe that childhood is a time of life in which a firm foundation of high ideals is established, as children learn to be purposeful and develop praiseworthy qualities and good habits. The task of educators, we believe, is to find the talents in each child and foster their development. As children progress in character and learning, the result is “light upon light”.

Working Hours & Schedule

Teachers have 36 working hours per week, which is comprised of up to twenty 45-minute teaching periods, various responsibilities, and some planning time.

There are about 30 days of Macau and school holidays throughout the year which includes both Winter and Chinese Spring Festival breaks, plus about 50 days of summer holidays. Monthly working Saturdays—which often foster community engagement and extension activities—allow us to lengthen our holidays while still meeting contact day requirements.

Compensation & Benefits

The annual base salary, including housing allowance, is approximately US$44,000, after tax, and is slightly increased based on years of experience. This does not include the annual travel allowance, new year’s bonus, pension contributions, and a yearly re-enlistment bonus equivalent to one month’s salary. Furthermore, the government of Macau generously provides a teacher’s professional development subsidy of at least US$600 per month. Taken together, the after-tax total compensation that teachers receive is around US$58,000.

Benefits include local healthcare coverage, reduced tuition for up to two dependents to enroll in the school, internal professional development, and assistance in finding an apartment which includes a one-week hotel stay. The school also covers basic quarantine costs, if needed, for arriving teachers.


Primary teaching qualifications, such as a bachelor’s degree in education with a focus in Primary OR any bachelor's degree plus a post-graduate certification in primary education (PGCE). This role requires no additional technical qualifications, although such training and experience is welcome.

Fluency in English, which is the medium of instruction.