School of the Nations, Macau

A teacher who can continue to raise the bar of English and Literature among our secondary students, for many of whom English is not their mother tongue.


  • Solid understanding of English and Literature
  • Familiar with and support school ethos and standards of practice
  • Cooperate and support decisions made by the school
  • Possess competent classroom management, educational planning, and student follow-up skills
  • Incorporate a variety of teaching and learning approaches including strategies for differentiation, teaching ESL students, and inquiry-based learning
  • Communicate frequently and constructively with parents
  • Pay attention to details of the latest syllabi and curricula, plan and teach accordingly and effectively
  • Exercise appropriate care for students’ intellectual, emotional and physical health
  • Communicate with appropriate colleagues and administrators regarding school’s expectations regarding academic, behavioral and moral standards
  • Cooperate with colleagues and show due diligence in planning and other paper work
  • Show creativity in lesson planning, departmental activities and school-wide activities

Middle School and Secondary

Our Middle School comprises students aged 10 to 13, while Secondary consists of students from age 14 to 18. The class size is between 20 and 25. Students’ English fluency includes ESL learners, but by Form 3 most are at or approaching natural-level proficiency. We emphasize vertical and horizontal collaboration between teachers and expect teachers to work diligently for their students’ character development, thinking skills, academic performance, spirit of service, emotional, and physical health.

We see early adolescence—also known as junior youth—as representing a special period of life with unique needs and vast potential. Therefore, programmes at Middle School for this age aim to engage their interests, mould their capacities for service, and involve them in meaningful social interaction with peers and older youth. Students are assisted to gain proficiency in various academic disciplines while also helping them develop their spiritual perception, powers of expression and a sound moral framework to guide their decision making.

Students enter adolescence, also known as youth, in Secondary school. This is a period of life characterized by blossoming capacities, strength and vigour. We believe youth possess great potential to bring about constructive change and have an expanding capacity for meaningful service. Their sense of purpose and thirst for knowledge finds expression through greater ownership of their learning and growth. Our secondary programme aims to assist students to further develop their intellectual capacities along with the qualities, attitudes, and understandings that will enable them to make growing contributions to society. Through rigorous academic training spanning a variety of subjects, they are prepared to succeed in IGCSE exams in Form 4, the IB Diploma Programme in Form 6, and their further studies upon graduation.

Working Hours & Schedule

Teachers have 36 working hours per week, which is comprised of up to twenty 45-minute teaching periods, various responsibilities, and some planning time.

There are about 30 days of Macau and school holidays throughout the year which includes both Winter and Chinese Spring Festival breaks, plus about 50 days of summer holidays. Monthly working Saturdays—which often foster community engagement and extension activities—allow us to lengthen our holidays while still meeting contact day requirements.

Compensation & Benefits

The annual base salary, including housing allowance, is approximately US$44,000, after tax, and is slightly increased based on years of experience. This does not include the annual travel allowance, new year’s bonus, pension contributions, and a yearly re-enlistment bonus equivalent to one month’s salary. Furthermore, the government of Macau generously provides a teacher’s professional development subsidy of at least US$600 per month. Taken together, the after-tax total compensation that teachers receive is around US$58,000.

Benefits include local healthcare coverage, reduced tuition for up to two dependents to enroll in the school, internal professional development, and assistance in finding an apartment which includes a one-week hotel stay.


A relevant bachelor’s degree. (Coursework completed at the Master or Ph.D. level is highly valued but can only be used to partially satisfy this specific requirement of the Education Department. Other teaching qualifications and certifications, always appreciated, are not required for employment as a Middle School or Secondary teacher in Macau).

Fluency in English, which is the medium of instruction.

Minimum two years of teaching experience.

Start Date

New teachers traditionally reach Macau in mid-August and enter the classroom in September.